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The perfect fit for any project.



Sketch, SVG, EPS, PNG and PDF. Even an Icon font. And Home Assistant support.

Life Updates

All updates will be free of charge. Always.

  Starts at just $10

1109 Icons. Free updates for life and 10 custom icon requests to fit any project you work on.

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I will only message you when a update is out or a product is released that I think could be of your interest. I hate spam as much as you do.


Just enter your email to get the FREE 60 Icon sample of Zeus in your inbox!

Couldn't find the icon you were looking for?
Get 10 custom icon requests included with a license of the icon set!

Download a FREE 60 icon sample


Why another icon set?

Zeus is an on-going project, built with apps and websites in mind to fit any project perfectly. If you are working on a project and couldn't find the icon you were looking for, I included 10 custom icon requests with every license, so no excuses now!

Are you going to update it?

This being a paid package means I can justify putting time on it, so I'll gladly update it with icons. And all free of charge. Always.

Can I get a free sample?

Sure! I've created a 60 icon sample of Zeus so you can take a look at the icons, in all formats the full version is available from. Just click here, enter your email and you'll receive the link!

What is Home Assistant?

Home Assistant is a software that integrates many smart home devices and allows you to control them using a custom user interface. Zeus Icon Set give you the avility to customize the design using these icons. For more information about Home Assistant, visit the official page: https://www.home-assistant.io/

What's your Return Policy?

I'll gladly give you a refund. No question asked.