iOS 14 Custom Icons Guide

Here's a quick guide on how to add custom icons to your homescreen. You'll just need the Shortcuts app (comes by default on your iPhone or iPad) and the icon set (you can either add the icons you want to your Photo Library or you can store all the icons in iCloud Drive). You can choose one of the four versions available.
White Black Choose your own color!

Open Shortcuts

Open the Sortcuts app that comes preinstalled with your iPhone (if you can't find it, search for it on the App Store).

Create a shortcut

Tap the "+" sign at the top right to start the shortcut creation.

Add an action

Let's start the creation of the shortcut. First, tap the "Add Action" button.

Tap "Scripting"

Get into the Scription group of actions to find the one we want.

Tap "Open App"

This will allow us to open any application on our device.

Choose the app

Tap on the word "Choose" and select the app you want to create the custom icon for.

Tap the "..." icon

Now it's time to add the custom icon. First, let's find the setting for this shortcut.

Add to Home Screen

We need to add the shortcut to our homescreen and set the custom icon for it. You can also change the color of the icon by tapping on the blue icon at the top (you will have to use the

Tap the icon

Tap the smaller icon to set the custom icon glyph.

Choose the icon

You can select an image to be used as the icon. If you have the Zeus for iOS icon pack in your iCloud Drive or any other location, you can access it by tapping on "Choose File". If you want to add them to your Photo Library, then use the "Choose Photo" option (I recommend the first method to not mess with your precious Photo Gallery, but both work fine).

Final step

Tap the "Add" button at the top to finalize the process and add the icon to your Home Screen.

VoilĂ !

You now have a custom icon on your homescreen! .