This project is one of my favorites, since it bridges two of my passions: medicine and design. The app existed long before I joined the team, but I felt it was in need of a redesign so I wrote to the developer team and they were as excited as I was to work on a complete new version of the app.

Many, many layers and artboards

This is probably one of the biggest projects I've worked on and definitely the one with the most sketch files, artboards and layers. We wanted to redesign the app and make it compatible with phones and tables, across Android and iOS. And since each platform has it's own design language, I had to create different designs for each one.

Icons everywhere

The iconography of the app had to be redesigned from the ground up, but the part that took me the longest was the subjects' page. I had to come up with iconography that represented each of the subjects, which wasn't always that easy... But I'm really happy with the final collection.

La única aplicación con preguntas comentadas para el MIR, prepárate la oposición como si estuvieras en Asturias pero desde tu casa.