AnyList is the best shopping list app out there. Period. I tried a lot of them before, and I stuck with it because of its ease of use and nice aesthetics. The guys over at The Sweet Setup also think so.
Their old website was in need of a redesign, and I was fortunate enough to help bring to life their new website.

Style Guide

They requested me to look into a good color palette that would match their light blue, and also find good fonts that could look good and match well together. I decided the best way to do it was to design a nice Style Guide (I'm of the opinion that if you can make it look nice, do it, it'll be worth it). I also added each section of the website mockup to explain my reasoning behind it, since everything has a reason.

Final design

After some iterations on the initial mockups, I used Bootstrap 3 to get a basic site working. Then add some CSS magic, a bit of WOW.js and you get a nice looking site. I used Flexbox to get all the elements correctly aligned and for easily resize and rearrange all elements on mobile.